Viero supplies metal fabrication services, including: design, construction and assembly; machining of steel sheets by highly sophisticated, automatic laser equipment; NC press-bending machines; shearing and forming of various materials.

Viero: a story started from an idea fostered by commitment, imagination but above all by great passion.

Our plant, which covers over 6,000 sq. m., our equipment, our procedures, our products, they all reflect the persons who every day do their best to satisfy your requests whether it’s for steel products or leisure items.

Technology and innovation: these keywords have been the milestones of our entire history. An ongoing effort to find the best ways to be faster and more efficient, providing consistently better products while keeping prices under control.

What we define as our “turn-key service” includes the design, the mechanization, the process setup and automation, the construction, the finishing and at last the assembly. A self-contained, entirely in-house production by Viero.

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